Crowdfunding for Teams and Clubs

We make it easy so you can focus on what’s important

You don’t have to sell anything, promote anything, deliver anything or invest anything. No events to organize, no people to call, no doors to knock on.

Instead, in just minutes, we build your story, share it and make it easy for supporters to donate. We thank them for you, too!

We’ve raised millions of dollars for groups, teams and individuals just like you. You can do this.

  • Simple, fast and painless process
  • Modern and done entirely online
  • No products to inventory or sell
  • NO Start up FEES or Minimums
  • We develop a custom campaign page for your team
  • Each member can personalize their page
  • Members will add emails of Adults, Family members and Friends who care about them
  • This Campaign page can be shared to your friends, family etc via email, text messages and social media
  • We will send a series of personalized emails and text messages to supporters anywhere in the world with a link back to your campaign page
  • Campaign page will have simple instructions and will explain how your supporters can donate via online or by check
  • Each Supporter will receive a Thank You Gift worth $50
  • You are able to track ALL progress via our back office page LIVE
  • Scroll below to see examples