1st Team Sports works with high school athletic programs to help them developing and customized a discount product for their team.. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for all our teams. Not only do we assist teams in reaching their financial goal , but we are able to assist them in saving money on their clothing purchases like spirit packs and uniforms.


Since 2005, 1st Team Sports has been able to assist thousands of athletic teams by building and running a one of a kind proven fundraiser. We have developed a proven strategy and we will work with you and your team to put it together so that you can maximize your team potential to raise the most money in a short amount of time. Whichever fundraiser you chose for your program, you will have a dedicated sales profession assigned to work with your team from start to finish. Contact us today to get your fundraiser started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who secures the business for the card?

1st Team Sports will be responsible for securing the merchants and offers for your card.

What type of merchants are typically on each card?

We will be targeting mostly food merchants for our cards but will also include other types of merchants from automotive, hair or nail services and florists.

Will the cards be good around the whole city, county or country?

The cards are generally good at only single locations. If they own other locations they may decide to include those locations as well, but typically the discounts are for your local area.

Can we request merchants for our card?

Yes, you can provide 1st Team Sports with a wish list. 1st Team Sports cannot guarantee the participation of any particular merchant, but we will guarantee that we will call on them and try to get them on your card.

Will you get the merchants then let us decide if we want to place an order?

Unfortunately NO. A large part of what we do is getting the merchants for your cards. It is very labor intensive and costly. As we get the merchants specifically for each card we create, there is no way to know which actual merchants and location will be on the cards until after we have a signed contract. We do understand the value of the merchants on the cards and like you, want them to be as good as possible. We strive to make sure every organization is pleased with the merchants on their cards.

Do the cards expire?

Most cards are good for 1 year, but some may differ. Please contact us for more information.