• Enjoy the moment!

    Brew up a pot of gourmet coffee and savor the rich, satisfying taste.

    Each 11 oz. bag will make up to 70 cups of coffee.

  • You ask why Cookie Dough, that is because cookies can be found in 80% of American households. With that, Cookie Dough is one of the easiest fundraisers we have. Our ready to bake cookies come in a 2.7 pound box which contains 40 cookies that are pre-formed and are ready to go from freezer to oven. With our variety of flavors and mouth watering taste, this is something for everyone. Our new online sales platform can now be combined with our brochure sales to increase your profits for your group.


    • 60% Profit and Up
    • 15-20 Merchants per Card
    • Personalize the front of your card
    • Unlimited use for up to a year

    Our Most popular product!  Your group will earn 60% profit and up with this quick and easy fundraiser.  Our team cards are built specifically for your team or organization, customized with your logo or team mascot, colors and school name.  We utilize LOCAL merchants in your area with usable discounts which are good through the life of the card.

  • Our Playbooks have something for everyone.  Playbooks are also customized for your team or organization and can include schedules, mascot and pictures.  With this product you will have four discounts per merchant which results in between$200-$300 dollars in SAVINGS!  We have had many groups raise over $20,000 in just a few hours.

    • 60% Profit and Up
    • 8-12 Merchants per Playbook
    • Personalize with Name, Schedule, Mascot or Something different
    • 4 Discounts for Merchant

  • We start with quality ingredients, pure creamery butter, white cane sugar and brown sugar, and we never use artificial preservatives. Small batches are made in old-fashioned kettles and still hand stirred so every batch is always perfect. It doesn’t get any better than this!

    Our new online sales platform can now be combined with our brochure sales to increase your profits for your group.

  • Support Your School with a Spirit Cup Fundraiser!!


    What a great way to show your School Spirit, by purchasing a Tumbler Cup with your Schools Name, Mascot and Colors on it! We custom design your tumblers for you. You can either provide us with art work or we can have our graphic design group make one for you. Once you approve the art work, we will make up brochures for your team and you can start selling your Custom Cups. It’s that SIMPLE.

    One great thing about these cups is that EVERYONE uses them. Teachers, Students, Athletes, Commuters and at your home and work place. Show your school spirit and brag about your school.

  • These Weightroom Boards are a great way to honor your students by displaying their individual records for all to see. These signs can be custom made to fit your school with your school colors, logo and name. Your signs can be hung in the weightroom, gym, or even in the hall way and can be used as a all time record board for each sport. The great feature about these signs is that when an athlete beats theirs or someone elses record, you can just remove their name and add the new athletes name with a velcro strip! No more using dry erase markers that don’t erase. By using the velcro, it is easy to put on and take off.    This is a great way to show your school spirit and team work. These boards come with grommets on all four corners unless specified. Please contact us for more information.